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Artist Statement

My work is primarily about the materials I use: broken glass, steel, paper and other abandoned materials. I recycle, and reuse, discarded materials from glass shops and metal fabricators with the intent to manipulate the surface of steel and cultivate rust. I use torches, grinders, and hammers to scar, mar, and manipulate the surface of steel. Rust is cultivated using time, elements, and weather to make images appear.

When I break glass I destroy its intent and assign it a new identity. I draw in glass by breaking it, using light and shadows to project images. I control the line with tools and techniques I developed. The original purposes of the glass and metal are no longer recognized by the viewer as objects of support, protection, and construction. I see this as a form of alchemy.

In order to expand my voice as an artist, I integrated my static, three-dimensional sculpture into performance art. I used the interaction of several disciplines to create an art performance called Hip Hop Construction. The disciplines were writing, music, dance, visual art, and sculpture. I used these disciplines to communicate a story and elicited audience emotions. Collaboration and sharing the artistic energy of creativity was at the soul of this work.

I continue to push the limits of my materials to communicate and to evoke emotion in the viewer.